Common Ground was created from a love of coffee. At Common Ground we have three foundation pillars. Everything we do stands up to these, to ensure that what we create is genuine, valuable and most of all inspirational.

Our small-batch, artisanal approach to roasting brings out the best flavour out of each batch of beans.

HOSPITALITY - There’s that old saying, it’s not what was said but how it made you feel that you remember. At Common Ground, hospitality is a core value. We encourage feedback and will always get back to you as soon as possible.

QUALITY – We believe that great coffee should be accessible and strive to serve you the best. Our coffee menu has been created by a team of coffee lovers, picking our personal favourites, to share with you. We hope you’ll love them too.

CREATIVITY – There is an art to roasting and developing coffee flavours. We’re a creative team behind Common Ground. We tend to skip over the spreadsheet and dive “head first” into our Probat roaster experimenting and fine-tuning our blends so that what we serve is always interesting and delicious.